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About Us

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Our educational based program is designed to inspire, build confidence and aid in both cognitive and motor skill development.

Our little achievers have an opportunity to enhance their social skills in a safe nurturing environment while using every moment as an opportunity to teach. Our program will help introduce schooling and play as we guide every child during the early stages of learning. 

Our highly trained teachers are experienced in the field of early education and have credentials in early childhood education. Our classes are filled with adventure and many opportunities to examine their surroundings through curiosity. We guide our early learners and help them develop their emotional, social, academic and physical skills as they reach emerging milestones.

At Totally 4 Kids your child is not a number! We pride ourself on being a smaller center, this enables us to keep our teacher student ratio exceptionally balanced and gives us an opportunity to give each child more individualized attention. 


Our Classrooms

Image by Alain Wong
Infant Care


Babies learn about language acquisition, social interaction and always get plenty of cuddle time! Our nurturing caregivers are responsive to the needs of your growing child, all in a bright colorful, multi-sensory environment..

Toddler Program

Toddlers grow and change so much during a few short years that we have found it more important to have two levels of toddler care to better serve their needs and exciting, ever expanding world!



Our Preschool program focuses on the expanding needs of children age 3-4 as they prepare for the exciting world of preschool and beyond! We embark upon site words, writing, reading simple sentences, science and incorporate math throughout our daily regimen. 

Image by Lasse Møller
After Schoolers

We not only provide care for infants but we also provide coverage for after school care. Our after school program provides enrichment to the end of your child's school day.

Summer Campers


We provide exciting summer camps for kids of school age. Rest assured your kids will be excited and entertained with our fun Explorers Summer Camp Program. We prepare each of our students for a smooth transition into the next grade level with a perfect balance between education and exploration.

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